Ari and the Beast

Cursed by the fates to a single form, Devlin has no interest in taking on a mate, especially not a mortal one. Having gone down that road once before, Devlin's still dealing with the aftermath along with the scar it left on his heart. The fates may have fooled him once but he'd have to be out of his mind to fall for their tricks again.

However, when the presence of a tiny fox thrusts him from a trance, Devlin's hard-pressed to turn it away regardless of how much pain he's in.

For Ari, slipping inside a dragon's cave to escape a human pursuit probably isn't the best of ideas. It isn't until Ari tries to leave without the dragon's notice when his fox urges him to stay. Considering everything Ari's gone through including the loss of his parents, he's pretty sure his fox has gone mad.

Coming face to face with a dragon is as terrifying as one might expect, but there's something about Devlin that pulls on Ari. Something he can't explain.

There's pain there and secrecy as well, but what worries Ari most of all is Devlin's refusal to reveal his dragon form.

Ari wants to help, but if Devlin won't set foot in the light, what else could he hiding?

More importantly, why is Ari so determined to find out?