Forever After

Miles might be human, but packlife is the only one he's ever known. Abandoned inside Riverwood Park when he was a child, Miles still has a lot to prove, starting with his fight to keep their beloved park from closing down. Raising the funds, however, is close to impossible with the pack's alpha blocking him at every turn.

It seems as though he'd rather let the park die than pay for the repairs it so desperately needs, but why would an alpha give up his own territory?

Miles is determined to find out.

Ben's clan has struggled to find work for as long as he can remember, so when a missed turn leads him straight into the arms of his mate along with a park in need of some TLC, he figures the fates are looking out for him.

But when a twenty year feud between the wolf pack and Ben's bear clan comes to light, they'll need a lot more than fate to mend the rift between their two families.