Swan Prince

Breaking away from his royal escorts during their seasonal migration wasn't Oliver's best idea, especially not when a hunter catches him in their sights and sends the swan prince spiraling toward the ground. Shifting while in flight isn't ideal, but neither is getting stuck in human form hundreds of miles away from home.

Depending on the kindness of strangers isn't one of Oliver's strong suits, but with his injuries locking him in human form and stranding him in the middle of nowhere, he doesn't have a choice.

Bastion's not much of a people-person. In fact, he prefers the company of his horses over everyone else. That all changes, however, when he comes across a naked man in one of the empty stalls. His clothing's nowhere to be found, and without a wallet or a voice to tell Bastion the stranger's name, he decides to take him in.

Mute, injured, and completely naked, there's something about this man Bastion can't explain.

Hours away from civilization, it's as though Oliver fell from the sky. But that's impossible...

Isn't it?